Product advantage

-- well-known brands constitute the endowment of product advantage.

Our business scope covers the products of famous brands at home and abroad. , including "red triangle" brand of soda ash, "photo" brand salts products, "red crystal" brand caustic soda and "ring" brand, "Neptune" brand ammonium chloride, maleic anhydride, "with" brand of sulfuric acid, sodium metasilicate, PVC resin suspension method, and was awarded the science and technology progress prize of chemical product - "treble" brand TD clean disinfectant, etc. The products of many famous brands have been awarded many awards at home and abroad and become the endowment of product advantage.

· in 1979, "red triangle" was awarded the national quality product gold medal and certificate.

• at the first Beijing international fair in 1989, the "red triangle" brand was awarded the gold medal. The "red three crystal" brand caustic soda and the "Neptune" brand agricultural ammonium chloride won the silver prize.

• in 1991, "red three crystal" brand was awarded the gold medal of Beijing international exposition.

• in 1996-2002, "red three crystal" polyvinyl chloride resin (suspension method) and "red three crystal" brand epoxy propane were awarded the famous brand products of tianjin.

· in 1996-2002, the "red three crystal" brand synthetic hydrochloric acid and "red three crystal" liquid chlorine were awarded to the customer satisfaction products of tianjin city (the user committee of tianjin quality management association).

• in 2003, the "red triangle" brand was honored as "China famous brand product".

• in 2005, "Neptune" was awarded the title of "China famous brand product".

• the production of "ring" brand maleic anhydride (100,000 tons per year), quality, market share, export volume, etc., has been the first in the country for ten consecutive years. And passed the China fangyuan mark certification committee quality certification center ISO9002 quality system certification, and the maleic anhydride has obtained the square mark product certification.

• "treble" brand cleaning and sanitizing compounds has won chemical scientific and technological progress second prize, in 2003 the national quality trustworthy product, the national quality service customer satisfaction enterprise, national quality inspection for qualified products.

-- strong r&d strength constitutes the core of product advantage.

We have 1 national enterprise technology center, 7 research institutes and 1 postdoctoral research station. At present, we have more than 15,000 professional and technical personnel, including doctors, masters and university graduates, among whom there are hundreds of experts who enjoy the special allowance of the state council. The accumulation of talents and the enhancement of r&d strength are the core of our company's product advantages.
, state-level enterprise technology center - to university-industry cooperation as the priority, successively with tianjin chemical research and design institute, tsinghua university, nankai university, tianjin university, tianjin university of technology, Beijing university of chemical industry, east China university of science and technology, science and technology cooperation agreement, hebei university of technology research involving catalyst, synthesis process optimization, sewage disposal, personnel training and so on many aspects, to build five research and development institutions, and formed a batch of production-study-research cooperation development projects, effectively improved the technology center of innovation ability.

• chemical reagent engineering technology center -- involving r&d, pilot, production, warehousing and other fields. The center has 9 service platforms: 4 laboratories, 1 analysis room, 1 quality monitoring station, 2 pilot workshops and 1 production base. Center will gradually building into a chemical research and development, technology innovation, results of incubation and transformation of chemical engineering center, become the core and the common technology of the industry of chemical reagents in the center and source of scientific and technological achievements.

• institute of chemical reagents, established in 1964 to develop new chemical reagents and fine chemicals, independent research institutions. It has won more than 20 national and municipal scientific research achievements and has been approved by the municipal science and technology commission as a high-tech enterprise.

-- the superior transportation conditions constitute the guarantee of product advantage.

Tianjin lingang industrial zone as a state-level base of petrochemical and chemical industry park of tianjin binhai new area, the core part of lingang industrial, has built a separate channel wharf, has five - channel to lingang industrial zone, thereby promoting cross-border unimpeded flow of chemical products. Tianjin port, tianjin port, tianjin port, tianjin port is a hub for oil and chemical products storage and transportation. Wharf now has four petrochemical special berths, designed annual capacity of 18 million tons, with terminal built in petrochemical area has perfect bulk liquid storage and transportation facilities, which can realize chemicals, crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas, and other goods storage and transfer of a class. With its vast hinterland, convenient transportation and perfect facilities, it has gradually become an important petrochemical product storage and transportation base in northern China. The construction of tianjin lingang industrial zone and tianjin petrochemical terminal provides a strong guarantee for the export of chemical products of our company.
With the development and opening of tianjin binhai new area, many famous chemical logistics giants have gathered in tianjin. Since the company entered tianjin tanggu in 2006, it has carried out two large-scale investment projects. In the second phase, we invested $200 million to build a world-class large-scale chemical logistics and storage base in lingang industrial zone, becoming one of the largest logistics and distribution bases for chemical products in Asia. Sinotrans tianjin chemical logistics co., LTD had been founded in tanggu chemical zone sinotrans teda chemical zone logistics center, 33500 square meters of new warehouse (a dangerous goods warehouse 750 square meters, b library of 2800 square meters, c class library of 30000 square meters)... . Many enterprises specialized in chemical products logistics have settled down in tianjin not only to deepen the specialization of logistics industry, but also to provide more professional assistance to the transfer of chemical products in our company.