Tianjin bohai chemical industry group supply and marketing company affiliated to the bohai chemical industry group, relying on the bohai group at home and abroad a good image and strong scientific research strength and product advantages formed, it's an important window for domestic and foreign trade exchange and economic cooperation. In line with the development needs of economic and trade business, it is intended to recruit:

The general manager
2、Qualifications and requirements.
1、Age: male body is healthy under one year of age.
2、Education: full-time bachelor degree or above, cet-4 or above, major in business administration, marketing, macromolecule, chemical engineering, etc. Public relations major is preferred. At least 3-5 years experience in senior management, preferably with management experience in state-owned enterprises.
3、Requirements: strong leadership skills and ability, good at formulating enterprise development strategy and ability to grasp the overall development of the enterprise, and good communication ability and adaptability.
3、The job description
1、To be responsible for the formulation, implementation and supervision of the company's overall strategy and business plan;
2、To achieve the management and development goals of the company;
3、Establish and improve the management system and organizational structure of the company;
4、To preside over the daily operation and management of the company;
5、Handle major emergencies of the company;
6、Manage and maintain customer relationship and long-term strategic cooperation plan between customers;
7、Run the company's entire operating system.
4、Salary and welfare
   (1)Salary negotiable;
   (2)Sign labor contract, five insurances and provident fund after formal employment.
 (3)Working time: 8:30 am -- 17:00 PM.
 (4)The working hours are complete in accordance with national statutory holidays and the company provides lunch.

5. Contact information.
Address: no.8 xuzhou road, heping district, tianjin city.
Zip code: 300042
Contact: Ms. Wang, Mr. He.
Contact number: 022-23926474; 022-23311876
Resume mailing address: or