What is the role of soda in our lives?

The pure alkali produced by soda manufacturers mainly includes industrial soda and edible soda, which is the most common one in our life, so what does it do? Let's ask the soda manufacturer to tell you about it.
(1) the consumption of soda ash is the most basic function is used for cooking, is becoming one of the most indispensable in the process of neutralization agent, this is because in the process of yeast microbes generate acid, will become very acid in the dough after launch, so must use their alkali neutralization, such ability can guarantee to make the noodles is very delicious.
(2) the soda ash manufacturer, said at the time of cooking beef, if bad master temperature, it is easy to fry, causing dry meat to swallow, this is because the beef fiber is very small to save water, if they add a pinch of alkali, stir well and then stir in starch, then fry when water is not so easy to lost, can guarantee the meat is tender.
(3) for people who like to drink tea, if the teacup, teapot, or other utensils of boiled tea tea, there are a lot of tea scale, will not only affect beautiful, also can affect the mood of tea, but clean up but the trouble is that, at this moment, we joined the soda ash can be used warm water to soak, then brush will be very easy, of course, can also be used to scrub dirties a lot of things, if you run out of the detergent in the home, you can use soda ash manufacturer produces edible soda ash to replace.
(4) on the consumption of soda ash can also be used to neutralize the green vegetables because of excessive pesticide spraying and bonding with organic acid or sulfide, which can keep their original color, and remove pesticide pollution of vegetables.
It is understood that the pure alkali manufacturer has a strong degreasing effect, which can remove the excess oil from the raw material.
In the corn, it contains unreleased nicotinic acid, which can be easily released by adding edible soda, so that people who eat corn for a long time will not be affected by the lack of niacin in corn.
All landowners soda ash manufacturer says, edible alkali can also remove grease the clams, need only with clams to smell grease when heated to a hot, add a certain amount of soda water, slowly stir with chopsticks can achieve a goal.
In addition to these effects, soda ash manufacturer produces edible soda also has the role of diet, this is because the use of pure alkaline hot, taste bitter, therefore can rise to dispel damp heat and resolving food stagnation, the role of detoxification acid.