Application of glacial acetic acid.

Application range of glacial acetic acid:
Edible glacial acetic acid can be used as an acid-flavoring agent; Can produce synthetic vinegar. Water will dilute acetic acid to 4-5% concentration, add sauce and vinegar, the flavor is similar to vinegar. Often used in tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, drunken MiTang sauce, pickles, cheese, sugar, food products, etc. When using appropriate dilution, can also be used for production of tomatoes, asparagus, baby food, canned sardines, squid, etc, and pickled cucumber, gravy soup, cold drinks, cheese acid method used in food spices, dilution, can produce soft drinks, cold drinks, candy, baked goods, pudding, adhesive medium sugar, spices, etc. As sour agent, can be used for drinks, canned, etc. Washing: usually use glacial acetic acid, the concentration of 28%, 56%, 99%. If buy is glacial acetic acid, add to 72 cc and cc glacial acetic acid in the water, can get 28% acetic acid. More common is that it is sold at the concentration of 56%, this is because the concentration of acetic acid as long as to add the same amount of water, can get 28% acetic acid. The concentration gets 28% of acetic acid can be damaged by acetic acid and denar fibril arnon. Oxalic acid is one of the strong acid in organic acid, acid in potassium permanganate solution in oxalic acid by oxidation generates carbon dioxide and water. Can oxalic acid and alkali neutralization reaction, produce oxalic acid salt. Acetic acid, too, 28% acetic acid volatile, volatile after the fabric is neutral; Like ammonia neutralizes acid, 28% acetic acid can also neutralize alkaline. Alkali can also lead to change color. With acid (e.g., 28% acetic acid) can recover the discoloration. This acid is also used to reduce the complex tannins, tea, coffee, fruit, yellow stains caused by soft drink and beer. When remove these stains, 28% acetic acid in water and neutral lubricant, available to the greatest extent.
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