Tianjin bohai chemical industry group supply and sales co., LTD belongs to tianjin bohai chemical industry group co., LTD., is relying on the bohai group, a good image, the scientific research strength and the brand advantage a group organized foreign exchange window. Since 2011 since the establishment of new, by adjusting and optimizing product structure, organization structure, personnel structure, do deep and fine product markets, vigorously promotes the company's management, develop and expand domestic and foreign trade, now have a certain comprehensive advantages, products cover of liquefied natural gas (LNG), rubber and plastic products, inorganic chemicals, and other fields. It has made great progress in both the service ability and level of the group and the coverage and market share of the external market.

In the future, we will take the group image, product, information, technology and talent advantages, through the unremitting efforts will be developed into a marketing, warehousing, logistics, capital operation is a body comprehensive coordinated development of the modern joint-stock state-owned enterprises.